Lorenzo De Zavala Elementary School        
Sunday, May 27, 2018
School Policies » Safety: Picking up your students at Zavala Elemen

Safety: Picking up your students at Zavala Elemen

Dear Parents:

It is important to keep our students safe and we want you to be able to pick up your child in a prompt manner. Therefore, we are kindly requesting that you place the paper sign you will be given on the inside of your car windshield, so that our staff can locate your child while you wait in line in the parking lot. This will help us have your child ready to be picked up as you approach the school entrance. We want to reduce your wait time, so please help us by posting the sign on your windshield.

Estimados Padres:

La seguridad de su(s) hijo/a (s) es de mayor importancia para nosotros y queremos que usted pueda recojer a sus hijos de manera rapida y segura. Por esta razón, le pedimos de favor que pongan el letrero de papel que les daremos, en la ventana (interior) de su automovil. De esa manera, podremos localizar a su hijo/a más rapidamente mientras usted espera su turno para llegar a la entrada de la escuela.


Mrs. S. Zyla, Principal

Mrs. A. Guerrero, Vice Principal