Lorenzo De Zavala Elementary School        
Monday, July 16, 2018
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Mrs. Martinez's Awesome Math Class


The University of Texas at San Antonio
BS in Kinesiology
Visit my University:
My name is Cindy Martinez and I am excited to be your child's teacher this year!  
I am a proud UTSA  graduate! "GO RUNNERS GO" 
 As your child's teacher, I  CHALLENGE you and your child to work hard. In my classroom, I expect students to set and achieve high academic goals, display excellent character, and to grow as individuals. I hope that you also expect and encourage excellence.
As a parent myself, I know a child's success is increased when you (the parents)  take part in it.
 I look forward in working together to make this year fantastic!!!  



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Science BM

On Ipad , Select Settings
Select General
Select Accessibility
Select Speech
Under Speech Turn on "Speak Selection"
Glide the Speaking Rate button to the desired speed
Once the student opens the test from your website, he/she highlights the text that is to be read. A blue box will appear. Above the blue box, the word Speak will appear. They will select the word Speak and the text will be read to them.

Scientific Method

In order to be a successful scientist and to understand science, all students must know the steps needed to conduct investigations. Please review this video with your child and discuss the process together. Perhaps, you can even design an experiment together. Have fun!